Henry VIIIHandsome, gifted and recently married to Catherine of Aragon, King Henry VIII was the envy of Europe when he penned these 35 royal compositions in the early years of his long and turbulent reign. Truly a Renaissance prince, he was also a gifted composer who excelled in portraying the pleasures of courtly life through words and music. His daughter, Elizabeth, inherited his gifts, and was a keen dancer and an excellent performer on the virginals.


Pastime with good company is the most famous of all the King's songs included in this collection. The picture that emerges is of a carefree yet thoughtful man, by no means the cantankerous despot of legend he was later to become.

Pastime with good company



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Pastime With Good Company
Note: The above is a 30 second sound clip - not the full song.


Thirty-five Compositions


Comprising the King's complete secular works, consisting of partsongs and instrumental consorts.
Transcribed and edited by John Stevens

Ref: E1801 [Online Shop]

Adieu madame et ma maistresse; Alack, alack what shall I do; Alas, what shall I do; Consort II; Consort III; Consort IV; Consort V; Consort VIII; Consort XII; Consort XIII; Consort XIV; Consort XV; Consort XVI; Consort XXII; Consort XXIII; Departure is my chief pain; En vray amoure; Gentil price de renom; Green groweth the holly; Helas madame; If love now reigned (I); If love now reigned (II); It is to me a right great joy; Lusty youth should us ensue; O my heart; Pastime with good company (I); Pastime with good company (II); Taunder naken; The time of youth; Though some saith; Though that men do call; Whereto should I express; Whoso that will all feats; Whoso that will for grace sue; Without discord


Music at the Court of Henry VIII


Music at the Court of Henry VIII
Edited by John Stevens
Ref: MB18
ISBN: 978-0-85249-417-2
ISMN: 979-0-2202-1169-0
Pages: 142
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The volume reproduces a remarkable songbook preserved from the early years of the reign, which contains vocal works and instrumental compositions, some of which are by the king himself, and is a unique record of the ceremonies, entertainments and ‘goode dysporttys’ of courtly life.


Full of fascination not only for musicians but also for social and literary historians, it offers a glimpse of the many-sided activities of the poets and performers around the young monarch, famed for his youthful prowess, whether jousting at Greenwich or vying in splendour with Francis I at the Field of the Cloth of Gold.

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MB36Early Tudor Songs & Carols
Edited by John Stevens
Ref: MB36
ISBN: 978-0-85249-400-4
ISMN: 979-0-2202-0593-4
Pages: 172
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Previously unpublished secular songs from the Ritson Manuscript and the Fayrfax Manuscript form the substance of this volume, which complements MB18 to offer a fairly comprehensive picture of English vernacular polyphony in the century before the Reformation.

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