Adam Carse

Adam Carse (1878 - 1958)

Adam (von Ahn) Carse was born on 19th May 1878 in Newcastle upon Tyne. He was educated in Hanover and was a Macfarren scholar at the Royal Academy of Music, London where he studied composition with Frederick Corder.


Whilst Carse is perhaps best known for his study of the history of instruments and the orchestra (in 1947 he donated his collection of 350 wind instruments to the Horniman Museum), the wealth of material he wrote for young string players and pianists is still is great demand and much-loved today.


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Classic Carse edited by Mary Cohen for Violin and Piano.
Book 1 (Ref. H354)
Adam Carse Book 2 (Ref. H355)
Fiddle Fancies
Violin and Piano (Ref. 1925)
Violin Part, separate (Ref. 1925A)
Fiddler's Nursery
Violin and Piano (Ref. 1926)
Violin Part, separate (Ref. 1926A)
First String Tunes
Violin and Piano (Ref. 1927)
Violin Part, separate (Ref. 1927A)
Follow my Leader. Violin, Cello and Piano (Ref. H275)
New School of Violin Studies
Book 1 (Ref. 5642A)
Book 2 (Ref. 5642B)
Book 3 (Ref. 5642C)
Book 4 (Ref. 5642D)
Book 5 (Ref. 5642E)
Preliminary Violin Exercises (Ref. 5647)
Premiere Valse.Violin and Piano (Ref. H181)
Progressive Violin Studies.
Book 1 (Ref. 5649A)
Book 2 (Ref. 5649B)
Book 3 (Ref. 5649C)
Book 4 (Ref. 5649D)


Breezy Story, A Viola and Piano (Ref. H276)
Viola School of Progressive Studies.
Book 1 (Ref. 7655A)
Book 2 (Ref. 7655B)
Book 3 (Ref. 7655C)
Book 4 (Ref. 7655D)
Book 5 (Ref. 7655E)


Fiddle Fancies. Edited Wendy Max
Cello and Piano (Ref. H437)
Cello Part, separate (Ref. H437A)
Fiddler's Nursery. Edited Wendy Max.
Cello and Piano (Ref. H434)
Cello Part, separate (Ref. H434A)
Merry Dance
. Cello and Piano (Ref. 2202)
Short Pieces, Three. Cello and Piano (Ref. 2200)
Short Pieces, Two. Cello and Piano (Ref. 2201)


Carriage and Pair (formerly Duetto) Violin, Cello and Piano (Ref. H274)
Minuet. Violin, Cello and Piano (Ref. H261)
Rondino. Violin, Cello and Piano (Ref. H262)
The Winton Suite. For String Orchestra.
Full score (Ref. Y249)
Set of parts ( (Ref. Y250)
Two Sketches for String Orchestra. (1: A Northern Song; 2: A Northern Dance)
Full score (Ref. Y251)
Set of parts ( (Ref. Y252)


Little Concert Piano Four Hands
Book 1. (Ref. 1122)
Book 2 (Ref. 1123)
Progressive Duets for Pianists. Four Hands
Book 1 (Ref. 6889A)
Book 2 (Ref. 6889B)
Scottish Tunes for Young Pianists. Piano (Ref. 0211)
Tinkle Tunes. Piano (Ref. 0215)
Toyland Tunes. Piano
Book 1 (Ref. 0216)
Book 2 (Ref. 0217)
Tunes for Two. Piano Four Hands (Ref. 1125)


Dance Measure, A Oboe and Piano (Ref. H219)
Regrets. Oboe and Piano (Ref. H232)

French Horn

Easy Pieces, Two Horn and Piano (Ref. 2542)

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