William Byrd (c.1539-1623)

Born in London at the end of 1539 or early 1540, William Byrd was the foremost composer of the Elizabethan age and among the three or four English composers since the Renaissance who have stood unequivocally as equals with their continental contemporaries. A master of keyboard music and the madrigal as well as Latin and English church music, he was an organist and member of the sovereign's private religious establishment, the Chapel Royal. Yet he remained throughout his life a dedicated Roman Catholic who was persecuted as a recusant and who upheld through his art the old faith.


The spirit of his work survived undimmed through the neglect of the baroque and classical periods. It was only with the publication ofThe Byrd Edition during the 20th century, however, that the full range of his genius became evident and accessible to music lovers, an awareness enhanced by the wide range of recordings now available, performed by many of the world's leading early music specialists.

William Byrd

Byrd's works published by Stainer & Bell

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The Byrd Edition

PDF [1 file - 44k]


Ave Verum Corpus (All hail true Body). SATB (Ref.CC520)
Cantiones Sacrae (1575). Byrd Edition Vol. 1. (Ref.B363)
Cantiones Sacrae (1589). Byrd Edition Vol. 2.(Ref.B364)
Cantiones Sacrae (1591). Byrd Edition Vol. 3.(Ref.B365)
Cast off all Doubtful Care. SSAT and Earthly Tree, a Heavenly Fruit, An. SS and Keyboard (Ref.CC246)
Come Ye with Psalmody. SSATB (Ref.CC417) [PDF]
Cradle Song. SATB and Piano (Ref.CC477) [PDF]
Earthly Tree, a Heavenly Fruit, An. SS and Keyboard and Cast off all Doubtful Care. SSAT (Ref.CC246) [PDF]
Emendemus in Melius. SATTB (Ref.CC521A)
English Anthems. Byrd Edition Vol. 11.(Ref.B373)
English Services, Book 1. Byrd Edition Vol. 10A. (Ref.B372)
English Services, Book 2. Byrd Edition Vol. 10B. (Ref.B566)
Gradualia I (1605). Part 1. (The Marian Masses). Byrd Edition Vol. 5. (Ref.B367)
Gradualia I (1605). Part 2. (All Saints and Corpus Christi). Byrd Edition Vol. 6A. (Ref.B368)
Gradualia I (1605). Part 2. (Other Feasts and Devotions) Byrd Edition Vol. 6B. (Ref.B781)
Gradualia II (1607). Part 1. (Christmas to Easter). Byrd Edition Vol. 7A. (Ref.B369)
Gradualia II (1607). Part 2. (Ascension, Pentecost and the Feasts of Saints Peter & Paul). Byrd Edition Vol. 7B. (Ref.B824)
Hodie Christus Natus Est. SATB (Ref.CC239) [PDF]
Justorum Animae. SSATB (Ref.CC312)
Latin Motets I. Byrd Edition Vol. 8. (Ref.B370)
Latin Motets II. Byrd Edition Vol. 9. (Ref.B371)
Laudibus in Sanctis. SSATB (Ref.CC528)
Lord God Almighty. SSATB (Ref.CC407)
Lullaby, my Sweet Little Baby (Parts I and II). SSATB (or Alto Solo and Four Viols) (Ref.M1432) [PDF]
Madrigals, Songs and Canons. Byrd Edition Vol. 16. (Ref.B351)
Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis from "The Great Service" ed Craig Monson. (Ref.D89)
Mass for Three Voices (Latin words). ATB edited Philip Brett. (Ref.CS358)
Mass for Four Voices (Latin words). SATB edited Philip Brett. (Ref.CS359)
Mass for Five Voices (Latin words). SATTB edited Philip Brett. (Ref.B635)
Masses 1592–1595. Complete. Byrd Edition Vol. 4. (Ref.B366)
O Magnum Mysterium. SATB (Ref.CC330)
Praise our Lord, all Ye Gentiles. SSATBB (Ref.CC242)
Praise the Lord among His Holy Ones. SSATB (Ref.CC528)
Psallite Domino. SSATB (Ref.CC417) [PDF]
Psalmes, Songs and Sonnets (1611). Byrd Edition Vol. 14. (Ref.B376)
Sacerdotes Domini. SATB (Ref.CC415A)
Salve Regina. SATB (Ref.W55)
Siderum Rector. SSATB (Ref.CC407)
Sing Joyfully. SSAATB (Ref.CC559)
Souls of the Righteous. SSATB (Ref.CC312)
This Day Christ was Born. SSAATB (Ref.M1627) [PDF]
Though Amaryllis Dance in Green. SAATB (or Soprano and Four Viols) (Ref.M1412)
Tu es Petrus. SSATTB (Ref.W57)
Wounded I am. SATB (Ref.W3)

Consort Music

Consort Music. Byrd Edition Vol. 17. (Ref.B362)


Keyboard Music, Book 1. Musica Britannica. (Ref.MB27) [contents]
Keyboard Music, Book 2. Musica Britannica. (Ref.MB28) [contents]
Pieces, Fifteen.
Early Keyboard (Ref.K4)
Pieces from Lady Nevell’s Book, Nine. Early Keyboard (Ref.K33)
Variations, Six Sets. Early Keyboard (Ref.K34)

Solo Songs

Consort Songs from Manuscript Sources. Byrd Edition Vol. 15. (Ref.B361)
Cradle Song
. F Major. Voice & Piano (Ref.SS11)


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