Collected Editions
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Collected Editions

Stainer & Bell's collected editions and scholarly series are highly regarded around the world.

The Byrd Edition
The Byrd Edition was begun by Edmund Fellowes in 1937 and later revised under the direction of Thurston Dart.

All of the volumes in the new Byrd Edition, which is under the General Editorship of Philip Brett, are now available. Other works by William Byrd

Most Recent Volume: Volume 13 - April 2005
Series Complete - No further volumes due for publication.

NEW!! Almost every work found in these volumes (over 430 titles) is now available for sale as an Adobe PDF file for delivery to your inbox. See for full details.
Early English Church Music
Early English Church Music is published by Stainer & Bell on behalf of The British Academy. The aim of the series is to make available church music by British composers from the Norman Conquest to the Commonwealth, in a form both scholarly and practical. The present General Editor is Magnus Williamson.

Most Recent Volume: Thomas Tallis & William Byrd: Cantiones Sacrae (1575). December 2014
Next Volume: Manuscripts of Thirteenth-Century Polyphony in Facsimile (Edited by Peter Lefferts and William Summer). 2015

NEW!! Almost every choral work found in these volumes (over 700 titles) is now available for sale as an Adobe PDF file for delivery to your inbox. See for full details.
Musica Britannica
Musica Britannica was founded in 1951 as an authoritative national collection of British music, and is today recognised as one of the world's outstanding library collections, with an unrivalled range and authority making it an indispensable resource both for performers and scholars. Further information...

Most Recent Volume: MB97 - Secular Polyphony 1380-1480 - November 2014
Next Volume: MB98 - Richard Dering: Motets & Anthems - June 2015
Purcell Society Edition
Purcell Society Edition Stainer & Bell are pleased to announce that they are now the publishers to the Purcell Society and will be publishing all new titles in the series.

Most Recent Volumes:
PE23 Services - November 2013
PE29 Sacred Anthems, Part V - Continuo Anthems, Part II - November 2011
PE21 Purcell: Dramatic Music, Part III - December 2010
PE12 Purcell: The Fairy Queen - March 2010
PE1 Purcell: Three Occasional Odes - October 2008
PE27 Purcell: Symphony Songs - February 2008
Next Volume:
PE13 Symphony Anthems - Publication 2015
Purcell Society Edition Companion Series
Purcell Society Edition Companion Series In addition to the new volumes in the Purcell Society Edition, Stainer & Bell are also publishing the Purcell Society Edition Companion Series which will make a significant contribution to the study of music and theatre in Restoration England.

The Purcell Society Edition Companion Series presents in modern critical texts - and in many cases for the first time - a varied repertoire of hitherto largely inaccessible work by the composer's contemporaries, which will both illuminate his own achievement and further our understanding of this flourishing yet complex period of musical and theatrical activity as a whole.

Most Recent Volumes:
PC5 Odes on the Death of Henry Purcell - November 2013
PC4 Restoration Trio Sonatas - September 2012
PC3 Draghi: From Harmony, From Heav'nly Harmony - January 2011
PC2 Blow: Venus & Adonis - October 2008
PC1 Grabu: Albion and Albanius - February 2008
Next Volume:
PC6 English Keyboard Music 1650–1695
The English Madrigalists
The English Madrigalists The English Madrigalists is the renowned edition founded by Edmund Fellowes and revised primarily by Thurston Dart. Other scholars who have been involved in the revision and updating include Philip Brett, Davitt Moroney, John Morehen, David Scott, Sarah Dunkley, Ian Payne and David Greer. In recent years several new volumes have been added to the series.
Further information

Most Recent Volume: EM42 Musica Transalpina. Edited David Greer - July 2011
Next Volume: None currently in preparation

NEW!! All (nearly 1000) of the individual madrigals found in these volumes are now available for sale as an Adobe PDF file for delivery to your inbox.
Music for London Entertainment 1660 - 1800
Music for London Entertainment 1660 - 1800 is a series of facsimile volumes from original editions and manuscripts representing a selection of instrumental, orchestral and vocal music from the theatres, opera houses, pleasure gardens and ballrooms of London during the mid-seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Most Recent Volume: LA6 - 1997
Next Volume: No further volumes planned.

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