The Mulliner Book (I)
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MB1 - The Mulliner Book

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The Mulliner Book Ref: MB1
Edited by John Caldwell

Of an iconic status in the historiography of British Music, The Mulliner Book is published in a completely new edition in the 60th anniversary year of Musica Britannica. A major source of 16th-century keyboard music, it is also a compilation of music for cittern and gittern, plus a short vocal piece by Mulliner himself, available for the first time complete in one volume with a detailed commentary. The collection is also of importance for the light it sheds on musical tastes and attitudes at a time when the Reformation and its consequences were becoming embedded in the national psyche.

First published in 2011.

ISBN: 9780852499153
ISMN: 9790220222702
Pages: 134
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 33
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The following publication is an offprint from this volume.
35 Pieces from 'The Mulliner Book'

35 Pieces from 'The Mulliner Book' Ref: K3

Edited by Denis Stevens

ALLWOOD, Richard (Voluntary)
ANONYMOUS (I smile to see how you devise; La Bounette; La Doune cella; La Shye myze; Maiden's Song)
BLITHEMAN, John (Alias Eterne Rerum; Eterne Rerum (51); Eterne Rerum (52); Eterne Rerum Conditor; Gloria Tibi Trinitas 1; Gloria Tibi Trinitas 2; Gloria Tibi Trinitas 3; Gloria Tibi Trinitas 4; Gloria Tibi Trinitas 5; Gloria Tibi Trinitas 6)
CARLETON, Nicholas (Gloria Tibi Trinitas)
EDWARDS, Richard (In going to my Naked Bed; When Griping Griefs)
FARRANT, Richard (Felix Namque)
HEATH, John (Christe qui lux es et Dies)
JOHNSON, Robert (Defiled is my Name)
NEWMAN (Pavan)
REDFORD, John (Aurora Lucis with a Meane; Christe qui lux with a Meane; Glorificamus; Iste Confessor with a Meane; O Lux on the Faburden; Veni Redemptor)
TALLIS, Thomas (Ex More Docti Mistico; Iam Lucis orto Sidere; Natus est Nobis; O Ye Tender Babes)
TAVERNER, John (In Nomine)
WHITE, Robert (In Nomine)

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